Because our mind essentially follows the lead of our heart's wisdom, engaging with clients requires a heart-based approach.

We live in a world that prizes intellect over feeling when a partnership between mind, body, and spirit is what's most needed.

My approach is to help clients get back in touch with their heart, that essential part of us that knows what is true.

I bring a holistic and intuitive approach to counselling. Our time together may include a combination of the following:

  • talk therapy

  • intuitive guidance

  • connecting with inner child/teen

  • dream exploration

  • guided imagery

  • divination cards

  • discovering ancestral patterns through genealogy

  • time spent in nature

  • more

I work best with people who:

  • are highly motivated for change and understand that change comes from within

  • have tried a conventional approach and found it wasn't a good fit



Mono, ON