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Dana Webster lives in Mono, Ontario, Canada. She is an emerging writer focussing on memoir, short and flash fiction. Her piece, Pile On, was shortlisted for the International Amy Award for Memoir in 2022 and will be published in a collection with fellow shortlisted winners in the Spring of 2023. Dana successfully completed the Creative Writing Certificate through the University of Toronto. Three of Dana’s flash fiction pieces, This Mother’s Day, The Hat of Ages and Honeymoon for One are published on Quick Brown Fox. Dana is also a blogger, website copywriter, and creator and lead of writing workshops at Let’s Get Messy.

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For me, writing is more than a creative outlet; it also helps me make sense of the world. My curiosity about life and how we live it is insatiable. I am forever asking the questions, big and small. By telling my stories and sharing my perspectives, it is my hope that readers find connection, that they see themselves in what I write or that they find a new understanding.
My style has been described as akin to "thinking aloud."

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When it comes to writing prose, I am all about variety is the spice of life. I've been writing since I was a kid but only recently for an audience.

  • Memoir - me! and my true stories

  • Short stories - slice of life, ghost stories, sci-fi, fairy tales,

  • Flash fiction - complete stories in 1,000 words or fewer and 250 words or fewer

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