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(Way) Back In My Day

Jobs that allowed us kids to earn a few bucks came with side benefits that we neither knew nor cared about.

A Tasty Treat

Unsure of my treasures. A piece on a plate instead of part of something whole.


Garm absolutely adored my father and the feeling was mutual.

Siren Call of Addiction

And there it is. At the root of addiction is the need to escape, to not remember, to feel the freedom from emotional and spiritual pain.

Party Line

Back in the 60s and 70s, when I was just a kid, our rural property was hooked up to a telephone party line. I don't know the science...


As we speak, my mother is dying. She has Stage lV cancer which started in her lungs earlier this year. Despite radiation treatment, it...

Natural Habitat

Recently, I spent a delightful couple of hours with a friend and her young children while we walked the trails at a local park. Actually,...


At this time of year I find myself seeking quietude. Not solitude - there's been way too much of that this year, but moments and spaces...

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