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Fat & Ugly

Apparently, it is still a thing - making dynamic young women feel badly about their bodies.


Garm absolutely adored my father and the feeling was mutual.

What's Left Behind

I'd spent a million years in therapy alone and some with my mother trying to bridge the gaping maw of our relationship dynamic.

Golden Rules of Parenthood

Bold statement alert: I don't care what you do for a living, being a parent is the hardest job on earth.

Who Am I?

I don’t remember being told my dad was adopted; it seems like I just always knew but it was never talked about. Now, when I think of the...


I was 16 when my dad first tried to introduce me to genealogy. I couldn't have been less interested. What did I care about some old farts...

Learned Independence

How will we know they are safe and making the right decisions? We will know because we were brave enough in their younger years to learn to

Just Love

My great-aunt D was born in 1909. She died 90 years later. She was one of three sisters and two brothers. Her father was a teacher and...

Mommy Monster

When my son, Meacham, was young (and his sister, Pilar, just a baby), he found himself, inexplicably, living in the same house with a...


This is a photograph of my son, Meacham, as he approaches the Dury Mill Cemetery, in Pas de Calais, France where his namesake, my...


I've been on a bender. Not of the alcohol kind. Something far worse, far more insidious. I've been on "social media". Insidious - what a...

Bitter and Sweet

The Bitter Lately, I've been feeling my age. Middle age. Upper middle age? I've calculated that if I live to around the average ages of...

Hot Mess

Okay, so this blog is going to be about a whole jumble of things. Why? Because life right now is a hot mess. Is it not? I wake up in the...


As we speak, my mother is dying. She has Stage lV cancer which started in her lungs earlier this year. Despite radiation treatment, it...


My mom died on May 29, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. Ever the pragmatist, she chose a doctor-assisted death so we knew right down to the minute when...

Snow White - My Alter Ego

Squirrels live in our house. We did not invite them. But, clearly, we have unwittingly made it comfy enough for them to come and go at their

Natural Habitat

Recently, I spent a delightful couple of hours with a friend and her young children while we walked the trails at a local park. Actually,...


At this time of year I find myself seeking quietude. Not solitude - there's been way too much of that this year, but moments and spaces...

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