A Day Late ...

"What you think of me is none of my business"


Garm absolutely adored my father and the feeling was mutual.

A Good Time, Not A Long Time

I could really use that these days and I don't care that I have to turn to a housefly to get it. It stills soothes my aching soul.

Flipping the Bird

And, well, as long as there are cats, there is hope...


You literally cannot go wrong when saying thank you.

It's My Birthday!

Not that I want to hurry up and get old(er) but at this age, one starts to dwell on aging and end of life and the meaning of it all.

Passing Acquaintance

Cynicism is cheap and easy and caters only to the basest of human nature.

Say It With Me, Now

Which brings me to this question: Can I write and post a blog about nothing?

Kindness Counts

The magic of kindness is that it brings us toward one another. It pulls us into each others' orbit...

What's Left Behind

I'd spent a million years in therapy alone and some with my mother trying to bridge the gaping maw of our relationship dynamic.

Making Peace with Middle Age

Then I hit 50 and all hell broke loose. It's like the OFF switch was activated and all that fast moving metabolism came to an abrupt halt.

Tangled Webs

Every time I walked past that tangled mess of vampiric vine-age, it took on a deeper and deeper sinister aspect, in my mind.

Siren Call of Addiction

And there it is. At the root of addiction is the need to escape, to not remember, to feel the freedom from emotional and spiritual pain.


One thing we know for sure is that the living planet will always, always bring itself back to a harmonious balance when faced with chaos