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It Matters

Eventually, the purple on my foot will recede.

Covid Daze

Paul and I are starting out the new year with Covid.

Fine Fettle

Merry Christmas etc. and Happy New Year!

Boxed In

Trouble is we live in a world that is forever putting us in boxes

Fit For A Queen

Back in the day, before everything had a microchip in it, there was ON and OFF

Nate 2.0

Life doesn't get any simpler than when a delightful living being shares its day with you.

Life, Distilled

Let's start with the premise that life has meaning.

No Ma'am, No Thanks

I don't know if there's ever been an ideal time to grow old.

Free Range Change

Free range time is an antidote to the monkey mind.

Revisionist History

Aspects of history we could, maybe even should, bring forward to the here and now.


Because it is those intrusions that I find so unsettling, so dispiriting. I don't invite them in; they are not welcomed guests.


But, what about Mother Nature? Is she all "I've been doing it this way for eons, so let's not fix what ain't broken"?

Small Talk

Not that I've ever been good at small talk but it's become even harder now that I haven't had to engage in it for over two years.

Fat & Ugly

Apparently, it is still a thing - making dynamic young women feel badly about their bodies.

Peaches And Cream

Like ebb and flow, peaches and cream, night and day - human and divine are perfectly balanced partners - one needs the other to be complete.

A Tasty Treat

Unsure of my treasures. A piece on a plate instead of part of something whole.

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