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Introvert PSA

It's almost like Mother Nature planned this fallow time just for us.

Nate 2.0

Life doesn't get any simpler than when a delightful living being shares its day with you.

Kiss A Frog

Speaking of things out of the ordinary ...


But, what about Mother Nature? Is she all "I've been doing it this way for eons, so let's not fix what ain't broken"?

Less Than One Pixel

My mind is a bit fractured these days. It feels like I am straddling two different time lines.

A Day Late ...

"What you think of me is none of my business"

A Good Time, Not A Long Time

I could really use that these days and I don't care that I have to turn to a housefly to get it. It stills soothes my aching soul.

Tangled Webs

Every time I walked past that tangled mess of vampiric vine-age, it took on a deeper and deeper sinister aspect, in my mind.


One thing we know for sure is that the living planet will always, always bring itself back to a harmonious balance when faced with chaos

All Is Not Lost

It's hard to write an observational blog when the only thing one is currently observing is herself at her desk, in front of her computer.

"Stop the world; I want to get off"

Well, well, well. Week 6. Funny that I can tell you what week of isolation we are in but I couldn't tell you what day it is, even if my...

Snow White - My Alter Ego

Squirrels live in our house. We did not invite them. But, clearly, we have unwittingly made it comfy enough for them to come and go at their


I'd made the mistake of seeing a single breed of bird as one identical assembly-line processed mono-species.

Natural Habitat

Recently, I spent a delightful couple of hours with a friend and her young children while we walked the trails at a local park. Actually,...

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