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Siren Call of Addiction

And there it is. At the root of addiction is the need to escape, to not remember, to feel the freedom from emotional and spiritual pain.

"The Norm"

Some people thrive within systems. Luckily for them, our lives are constantly lived within one system or another

Golden Rules of Parenthood

Bold statement alert: I don't care what you do for a living, being a parent is the hardest job on earth.

Communication Breakdown

Okay, the fascination may have been augmented by the ridiculously cute and smart fella who was doing the talking.

All Is Not Lost

It's hard to write an observational blog when the only thing one is currently observing is herself at her desk, in front of her computer.

2020, I Bid You Adieu

It definitely feels like I am waiting for the point. What the heck was 2020 all about because, surely, there is some meaning to find there?


I’ve been faced, in recent weeks, with the challenges of being introverted in an extroverted world

Words To Live By

Says the Universe all time, “I got you.”

Just Love

My great-aunt D was born in 1909. She died 90 years later. She was one of three sisters and two brothers. Her father was a teacher and...

Mommy Monster

When my son, Meacham, was young (and his sister, Pilar, just a baby), he found himself, inexplicably, living in the same house with a...

The Shame Closet

Maybe it's because we're in Pride month, June, but I have on my mind the phrase "coming out of the closet" which we know is closely...


This is a photograph of my son, Meacham, as he approaches the Dury Mill Cemetery, in Pas de Calais, France where his namesake, my...


A friend recently shared an Instagram post that spoke of her reawakening into her True Self. I welcomed her home. I know how that feels....

Not-at-all-random Act of Kindness

Little-known fact about me: in April of 2018, I suffered a debilitating panic attack on a New York City subway car. I actually love...


I've been on a bender. Not of the alcohol kind. Something far worse, far more insidious. I've been on "social media". Insidious - what a...

Party Line

Back in the 60s and 70s, when I was just a kid, our rural property was hooked up to a telephone party line. I don't know the science...

And I Love Him For That

Some days, Paul and I are on each other's last nerve. It doesn't help that we are both at an age where we forget things … like entire...

Where would we be ...?

I've stopped beating myself up over the dreaded New Year's Resolutions. Just the word resolution sends shivers up AND down my spine. It...

Bitter and Sweet

The Bitter Lately, I've been feeling my age. Middle age. Upper middle age? I've calculated that if I live to around the average ages of...

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