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You'll still find the blog library here. Feel free to browse. If you'd like to read more updated posts and subscribe to receive more, join me on Substack.

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Siren Call of Addiction

And there it is. At the root of addiction is the need to escape, to not remember, to feel the freedom from emotional and spiritual pain.

Not-at-all-random Act of Kindness

Little-known fact about me: in April of 2018, I suffered a debilitating panic attack on a New York City subway car. I actually love...

It's The Little Things

I am such a huge fan of dystopian fiction. Stuff like Nineteen Eighty-Four (George Orwell), Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), Brave New...

"Stop the world; I want to get off"

Well, well, well. Week 6. Funny that I can tell you what week of isolation we are in but I couldn't tell you what day it is, even if my...

In Purpose, On Purpose

Some days I think I am more feline than human - I like to sleep ... and eat ... and spend time alone. Like cats, I don't get the point of...

This Bites

Hands up. Who hates going to the dentist? I mean, thank goodness dentists exist but how do they go to work everyday in the midst of high...

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