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I have been a serious student and hobbyist of genealogy for about 20 years now. I've completed numerous courses at the Institute for Genealogical Studies in Toronto and elsewhere. I have done extensive research into all branches of my family tree including my father's biological family, with the help of DNA testing. I parlayed my love of history research into a Toronto-based business called Every House Tells a Story in which I researched the history of houses and compiled all the information together into books for clients.

It is safe to say that connecting to my past and the people who came before me is not only a passion but also a unique healing modality. Connecting my own life with those who came before me offers clarity and a sense of belonging. Knowing that some behaviours, patterns, preferences, and choices I've made are actually rooted in the past allows for an opportunity to make healthy changes.

Spiritual beliefs teach us that healing the present can also heal the past. Breaking destructive patterns in our own lives also releases our ancestors from the pain of theirs.

To this end, I offer the following services to those who are seeking an opportunity to heal through a unique modality. And also for those who simply have an interest in genealogy but don't know where to start.

Step One is the starting point and a must if you'd like to continue to Step Two and/or Three.

Steps One and Two can be taken on an individual basis or as a group gathering. This modality is particularly helpful for relationship and family dynamics.

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Introduction to Genealogical Research & Building Your Family Tree

Step One - The How-to Guide

We'll explore the main research tools and websites that can be found online. You will learn about and experiment with free sites and I'll provide an overview of those that require a paid subscription.

We'll get you up and running with your family tree and make sure you have all the basic knowledge you need to continue research on your own.

Creating a Genogram

Step Two - Connect with your ancestors & their stories

A genogram allows for a deeper level of connecting through our ancestors. Like a family tree, you will learn how to add other features such as addictions, careers, education, behaviours, emotional ties and more. Genograms can contribute to our sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves and can help us to understand why we do the things we do.

Genealogical Counselling

Step Three - Putting it all together. Next steps toward understanding how previous family patterns affect your life today

For those who wish to take their research to a deeper level of healing and release. We will explore what it all means to you in present day as well as deciding on what changes you will make as a result.

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