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Fine Fettle

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Well, I've been struggling with getting this blog post written. It's Friday evening, it's pitch f'ing black out which is the perfect signifier for my stumbling around in the dark. Actually, I've sort of written two complete posts already but neither of them has any flow which means I don't know what I'm trying to say. That happens.

This afternoon I saw a coyote in my backyard, just loping along the field and disappearing into the forest. Later this evening, a young deer leapt toward our car but, thankfully, pivoted and withdrew back into the brush on the side of the road. Predator and prey in one day. Looking at the spiritual meaning of these two animals, it pretty much sums up the way I've been feeling:

Coyote: don’t be tricked by foolish appearances. The spirit of the coyote reminds you to not take things too seriously and bring more balance between wisdom and playfulness.

Deer: you are highly sensitive and have a strong intuition. By affinity with this animal, you have the power to deal with challenges with grace.

That's where I'm at; I vacillate between getting completely caught up in the crazy that is the world now (being tricked by foolish appearances) and with needing to feel grounded in a more grace-filled approach. Arrgghh. Coyote and deer are the Canadian version of Dr. Dolittle's pushmi-pullyu.

This will be my last post of 2022. I wanted to send you off with a pithy oh-so-clever summing up of the year and set out my hopes and dreams for 2023 but I'm feeling snarky and I don't want to leave you with a bad feeling about me.

But here's this:

Some Of Dana's Wishes For 2023

1. The invention of a super-dose inoculation against the worst cohort of viruses to have simultaneously infected the human race:

  • Rampant Greed Virus (RGV)

  • Hate-filled Rhetoric Virus (HRV)

  • Lying Liar Lie-pants Virus (LLLV)

  • Ignorance is Bliss Virus (IBV)

  • Down The Rabbit Hole Virus (DRHV)

  • It's My Party And I'll Do What I Want Virus (MPWWV)

Forget Covid. Next to these infectious diseases, it's small potatoes.

2. That children (actual and those little ones who abide in each of us) live free from violence of all kinds; that they know only love, acceptance, safety, respect, and dignity.

3. That we prioritize quality of life over money and power. For as long as there are people, there will be poverty, disease, addictions, and mental and emotional instability. Let's get real about that, acknowledge these are normal cycles through which most of us will travel and do whatever it takes to make it feel way less shitty while cycling through.

4. That in affirming our own unique identity, we refrain from invalidating that of others. You do you is a two-way street.

5. That social media implodes and we all go outside to play ... with each other.

6. And that you, Time To Write readers, find peace, purpose, and joy. Thank you for reading my random missives (most) every week. I do hope they bring you some sense of familiarity, laughter, and connection.

Merry Christmas etc. and Happy New Year!

Don't forget about my writing group coming in February 2023.

Click for details. I'd love for you to join!

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