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I'm struggling to find something worthwhile to write about. The fact is it feels like the creative well has run dry. Which isn't really true, I know. I'm pretty sure that a low-lying, perpetually present anger from pandemic fatigue is getting in the way of my flow. The good news is that I continue to write things other than the blog:

  1. a novel about a reluctant assassin named Rae

  2. a short story about a genealogist named Piper

  3. memoir pieces

I've decided that this is the year I will take my writing public. Going to write for publication. That's the dream anyway. We'll see how it goes.

The bad news is the Gypsy Moths are back this year, with a vengeance. Our glorious Oak trees are falling victim once again. Not to mention the Birch, Beech, Apple, and Japanese Maple. Gypsy moths are a GMO, created-in-the-lab monstrosity with no effective predators. Unpalatable to other critters, they have free reign over our foliage.

The fascinating in a scary kind of way news is that UFOs are finally getting their due.

From the 60 Minutes episode that aired on May 16, 2021:

After decades of public denial the Pentagon now admits there's something out there, and the U.S. Senate wants to know what it is. The intelligence committee has ordered the director of national intelligence and the secretary of defense to deliver a report on the mysterious sightings by [end of June 2021].

This announcement will come as a long-overdue I-told-you-so from the hundreds (thousands?) of everyday folk around the world who have been eye witnessing UFOs (or unidentified aerial phenomena) for decades and been told that they are lying or perpetrating a hoax. Validation is at hand!

In the fake news department: There's a household not far from where we live that has consistently posted lawn sign messages throughout the pandemic which say things like "Real men don't wear masks" and "The Govt/Media is perpetrating acts of terrorism." Etc. We've since stopped reading them as we drive by because, quite frankly, they raise my ire. Free speech is a beautiful thing; hate speech is not. Nor is disseminating fake news.

The problem, of course, is that we no longer know what is real, what is false, and what is true. We have entered the alternate reality Universe of fake news where even cold hard facts like science (which, admittedly, is an ever-evolving discipline), are disputed. You say potato, I say potahto. And somehow, we're both right.

I'm going to go out on a limb and declare the last 15 months as The Age of Reckoning. All the shitty aspects of human nature have been forced into the light of day, exposed, and found guilty of crimes against humanity. It's been a clearinghouse of atrocities. For an individual to take them all on feels like a tad too much but you can't say we don't have our pick of a long list of shockingly real social issues to get behind.

To my mind, we are equal human beings. It's a pretty basic concept but one that so many seem to take umbrage with.

Meanwhile, a lovely young man, Alian Khan, from Milton, Ontario reached out to me. He was working on a high school project - a tribute video of my great uncle Meacham Denyes who was killed in battle in 1918. It doesn't get realer (see, I just made that word up and, somehow, it works!) than this. No way you can fake news your way out of this beautifully tragic reality. Have a tissue handy.

(Check out Legacy for more)

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