• Dana Webster

Just For Fun

Updated: Jul 7

One of the most frustrating things about being an introvert is that you live mostly in your head. Around and around go all the thought snippets. In this time of pause, I am finally sick of my own thoughts. They can be relentless in their circularity. On the other hand, I have noticed that a new space is being created in my brain, one that allows me to simply sit in the moment. After all, there isn't much to plan for these days. There's very little thinking ahead because what's the point at this point? I find this new space comforting and calming. I recognize it as a true slowing down which has enabled me to more deeply notice and connect with my surroundings. An unexpected and yet welcome silver lining.

On that note, what have I been doing to keep busy and not go insane? I go for a walk every day. I get dressed - even pj's can get boring after too many days. I spend more time with our cats (whether they like it or not, who can tell?) I finished a really good book and am moving on to another. I write. And I have signed up for a few online courses and workshops.

Today, I am looking at old photographs. I am a nostalgia hound and spend quite a bit of time parsing my past.

Just for fun, here's a couple of photos of me fast asleep at family functions. I can sleep through anything and am particularly susceptible when I get overstimulated.

1. At a family birthday party with my Aunt Dort. You'd think that couch would be enough to keep anyone awake.

2. New Year's Eve. Someone was kind enough to put a pillow under my head.

And, just to note that I come by it honestly, here's a photo of my dad on some New Year's Day back in the 70s. Haha! Just keepin' it real, Dad.

I'd love to hear what you're doing to keep yourself and your family going strong at this time. Send photos!

And be well.


Nestled in hills of Hockley Valley, Mono, ON