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Kiss A Frog

A few years ago, Pilar opened the lid to our washing machine and just before stuffing her clothes inside, something on the inner barrel caught her eye. It was a frog. A live frog, hanging on for dear life, I guess.

Yesterday, from a distance, I noticed something lying on our family room rug. I assumed Sadie, our overweight-so-is-on-a-diet-therefore-eats-too-quickly-and-throws-up-her-meals cat had left a little sumthin' behind after breakfast. As I approached, I saw a small, skinny leg bent at the knee. It was a desiccated frog carcass. I shit you not.

All the cats are Indoor so, no, they didn't bring it in. Those two frogs came inside our house on their own steam but I do suspect that second one got found by a feline or two or five. The first one we put back outside where presumably it lived to tell a tale.

Out here in the country, we are used to the insect scourges in Spring. Cycling through the house are ladybugs, wasps, ants, stinkbugs, (shh, spiders), houseflies, and those red & black beetles, not necessarily in that order but pretty close. Frogs? Not so much although does two make it a thing?

Speaking of things out of the ordinary, I've decided to take a summer blogging hiatus or perhaps I'll call it a work-to-rule. It's been a while coming; I don't feel like I have anything new to say, life being what it has been these last few years. Worse, I'm struggling to fulfill my original mandate which included words like uplifting and hopeful. If I can see that, I imagine you can, too.

How I see it looking is, every once in a while you will get an email notification that a new post is up. It won't be weekly or bi-weekly. I'm just going to let my muse set the schedule. Hopefully, when I do write a post it will be a doozy and worthy of your time and attention.

As always, and I mean this sincerely, please unsubscribe if you are no longer interested. Be like me: exercise your right to a pro-choice inbox. Nix the stuff that has overstayed its welcome; make room for new!

In the mean time, if you haven't already, you can enjoy a few of my original prose pieces here.

Until we meet again ...


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