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Taking the Easy (On the Eyes) Road

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I had this great blog post written and ready to go for today. It was full of justified anger, snarky remarks, and a gif of Paul Newman (I promise, this was not a gratuitous placement of a heart throb from days gone by - not that there's anything wrong with that. See below).

But just thinking about that blog wore me out. All the negative emotion and pseudo-cleverest gal in the room BS got the better of me. I ranted about truckers and the egregiously misnamed Freedom Rally. I talked about how stomach-turning it is to see this group co-opt the anti-Semitic Nazi use of the yellow star. I expressed how exhausted I am by the vitriol, lies, and upside down logic. Obstinate ignorance hurts, man. It just hurts.

But, I decided, no one wants to hear one more person rant about the world and its present insanity. You can get that anywhere. In fact, you can get that every-freakin'-where. So, I'm going to hold my tongue and do my best to take the high road.

What I am not going to do, however, is leave you hanging with the promise of Paul Newman and not follow through.

And because you deserve it, here's Robert Redford

The heartthrob gallery would not be complete without Idris Elba

I'd offer to throw up gifs of beautiful women but objectifying women feels icky (thanks patriarchy) whereas admiring male beauty just feels magical and warm-hearted.

And that's it for me. Dana out!

Okay, okay - I couldn't resist. My bad.

From The Toronto Star

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