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For me, writing is more than a creative outlet; it also helps me make sense of the world. My curiosity about life and how we live it is insatiable. I am forever asking the questions, big and small. By telling my stories and sharing my perspectives, it is my hope that readers find connection, that they see themselves in what I write or that they find a new understanding.

My style has been described as akin to "thinking aloud." Sometimes it's humourous and self-deprecating, sometimes weighty and incisive. Mostly, I strive for uplifting and hopeful and always to be write with honesty.

Appreciated Words from Appreciative Readers

"Wow, it's like you wrote, almost word for word, my own childhood experience of Christmas with my father!"

"I just wanted to thank you, Dana, for sharing your family stories with us. I enjoy them so much!"

"I have to confess that I am greatly enjoying your writing, learning things and absorbing your wisdom and insight. At times it feels like you speak from my heart, it feels so familiar and comfy what you are sharing with your audience, at times it brings tears to my eyes ..."

"Oh, Dana, your blog is beautiful, honest and gritty as always! Thank you for sharing such personal insights with us."


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